Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The finish line

So it's the end of 23 Things as we know it. Well, sort of. I'm still going to be continuing my Medical Library 23 Things so my ramblings shall continue for a while yet. I've just realised that I never actually posted a reflection post halfway through (thing 13) so hopefully I'll make it up for it now.


It was always much harder to get back into the swing of 'things' if I'd taken a few days off or fallen behind slightly. Having the time to explore things thoroughly (especially for some reason about midway through) has sometimes been a stretch, but I'm not complaining! The programme works well because you can dip in and out of things, go back to them and 'top' up knowledge of things you might have already explored previously.

Despite the fabulous Google Reader that allows me to have up to date feeds of everyone in the Cam 23 programme, it's impossible to follow every blog to the last detail and comment on every post. Unless you actually are a super human. Which I'm not.

It's kickstarted Cambridge library discussion over our blogs, twitter and lots of interesting meetings and future events have sprung up from it. I've had some really interesting conversations face to face in the workplace and met some more lovely people in the Cambridge network. It's been fascinating to observe how some people really take to one thing, but others hate it with a passion. Whatever floats your boat eh?

Things I'll keep using

Google calendar and docs - I even recommended using Google calendar to somebody else who isn't a 23 thinger and they're now using it. Bonus point.

Wiki's - Fantastic for collaborative work.

RSS feeds - Be gone millions of stored useless favourites.

Flickr - A strong contender to Google images.

Doodle - Brilliant!

Youtube - My heart belongs to you

Twitter - For professional purposes

Blogging itself - It's been fun!

Things I'm glad to have been introduced to and want to improve my knowledge of

Zotero - I plan to look at Endnote again and maybe also Mendeley

Delicious - Despite my initial enthusiasm, I've sort of forgotten to bookmark. Anything. Note to self - Must get 'bookmark to delicious' stamped onto my brain.

Things I might use, or maybe not so much

Slideshare - Useful to be aware of but not sure how much I'd actually use it.

iGoogle - I dip in and out of all depends whether I remember to log into it.

Facebook - I knew it inside out beforehand, but having discussions and contemplating on the professional and personal uses during 23 things made me realise how much time I waste using it. I've locked down my settings even further and deleted many more people I just don't even know that well. So instead of embracing this 'thing', I guess you could say that 23 things has made me shy away from it.

Thank you to everyone who organised Cam 23 and to all the fellow bloggers - I've enjoyed reading your posts! See you at the wrap party :-)

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  1. sorry that I missed you crossing the finishing line Jenni! Congratulations!!

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