Friday, 6 August 2010

The journey of a journal

Well I'm skipping forward a few 'things' to talk about the 'Follow that Journal' breather we had this week (I girl guide promise to catch up on my missing 'things' asap!)

It was interesting to learn about journal selection in more detail, especially about the evaluation process, the consultation commitees involved and the scoring of points. The points system seemed a bit complicated but I was assured it was the best method to use when figuring out the top ranking journals so things are done fair and squarely. Lack of money seemed to be the constant challenge.

It was also interesting to notice the subtle differences when it came to checking in the serials between how we do it and how it's done at the CSL. Most notable one being they have a snazzy little machine that prints off their labels whilst we (Well not me personally) have to do all the hard work ourselves! Ah, it's a hard life.



  1. Its only a snazzy little machine when it wants to be, it is more often than not a complete pain when you have to hit it to get it to print anything!


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